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Technology research and development

      Jiangxi No.2 Electric Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has always paid attention to technology research and development, integrating production, education and research. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has developed 20 new technologies, new products and new technologies every year. More than 30 products have been identified by the government. It has been awarded famous brand products, famous trademark titles and the promotion of high-efficiency energy-saving distribution transformers in Huimin Project, a national energy-saving product. Sales outlets. We should adhere to the principle of co-existence of independent R&D and industry-university-research cooperation, improve the ability of technological innovation and train high-quality scientific researchers, and actively industrialize scientific and technological achievements.

In view of the urgent needs of electromagnetic, mechanical strength, temperature rise, insulation and short circuit resistance technology in transformer manufacturing process, the company builds software, design and technology research and development team, focusing on special voltage, low energy consumption, low noise, superior performance, reliable and efficient energy-saving transformer; develops computer optimization technology of electromagnetic design software, and adopts it in structure. The relevant measures of optimization scheme are taken to provide design basis, and the latest optimization results of science and technology are continuously applied to the field of power transmission and transformation to achieve new breakthroughs in process technology.

The company has a group of professional and technical personnel who have been engaged in transformer production and operation for more than 30 years. They are good at meeting the requirements of special users. Including electric furnace, mine, rectifier, excitation transformer and other special, non-standard transformers.

The company adheres to the value concept of "only continuously creating real value for the country, users and employees is the only reason and way for the company to exist and develop" and the strategic goal of "being a first-class supplier of power equipment based on the field of power equipment", making due contributions to the development of China''s power industry.

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