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Service promise
1. The normal quality guarantee period of the goods provided by us is 12 months after the contract goods have passed the acceptance and put into operation. We guarantee that the goods supplied are new, unused, of the latest or most popular models and first-class processes, and meet the quality, specifications and performance requirements stipulated in the contract. To ensure that the goods in the correct installation, normal use and maintenance conditions, in its service life with satisfactory performance. During the quality assurance period after the final acceptance of the goods, they shall be responsible for the faults arising from the design, process or materials.
2. During the warranty period, if the quantity, quality and specifications of the goods do not conform to the contract or prove that the goods are defective, including potential defects or the use of materials and processes that do not meet the requirements, repair or replace the defective goods or components free of charge. The quality of the equipment we provide is "three guarantees":
Within the warranty period, if the equipment is seriously and systematically defective due to design, process or material, which makes the whole equipment not working properly, the owner may offer a refund, and we will fulfill the refund.
Replacement: During the warranty period, if there are serious quality defects in parts and components of the equipment, which affect the normal use of the equipment, we shall be responsible for replacement at our own expense.
Overhaul: After the warranty period, if the components and parts with obvious quality problems are slightly defective and do not affect the performance of the equipment after repair, we shall be responsible for sending professional and technical personnel to carry out on-site maintenance so that the corresponding parts can be restored to the state and specifications stipulated in the contract, and all the maintenance costs shall be borne by us.
4. Our company has a perfect after-sales service team, full-time responsible for product after-sales service, to ensure that customers provide the best quality after-sales service. Response within 1 hour after receiving customer''s after-sales service request and arrive at the scene within 24 hours (48 hours outside the province).
5. We guarantee to provide life-long after-sales service of the products throughout the service life of the equipment, and to provide paid service and spare parts after the expiration of the warranty period at the most favorable price.
6. For the after-sales service of this project, please contact us as follows:
Head of after-sales service group: Huang Minming Shen Lianpeng
Telephone/fax: 0791-83708868
SETTING: Jiangxi Second Power Equipment Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 26 Industrial Fourth Road, Changquan Foreign Investment Industrial Zone, Nanchang City
Technical support:Cloud mail technology Record No: Jiangxi ICP Record No. 1546496