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Recruitment Information
Talents are the real driving force of enterprise development. We adhere to the people-oriented management concept and always regard talents as the foundation of enterprise development, competition and development. Within the enterprise, we always put the interests of employees in the first place.
We attract excellent talents through external recruitment, through training and guidance, make them identify with the culture of the enterprise until they are fully integrated into the enterprise; at the same time, we carry out skills training, learning and job rotation for internal employees, so that employees constantly improve their comprehensive ability and enhance their personal value.
We firmly believe that every employee should take responsibility for his own career and development, so "morality, honesty and responsibility" is our first criterion for talent assessment. We gradually set up a good corporate atmosphere of "respecting people, respecting work, fair competition, respecting knowledge and talents" within the enterprise, so that every employee can fully tap their potential.
Establishing a scientific human resource management system is the focus of our work. We should adhere to a fair, fair and open talent selection system. Make every effort to create a good platform and development space for talents, so as to retain people for the cause. We will continue to strive to create a good cultural atmosphere, constantly strengthen the affinity and cohesion within the enterprise, establish common values, and achieve cultural retention.
We welcome all aspiring young people to join us so that everyone with ability and ambition can fully play their part in the construction of Jiangxi No. 2 Electric Power Company and realize their own aspirations.
Welcome people of insight to join our company. The contact information is as follows.
Ms. Pan: 13907087448
Mr. Hu: 13870680152
Technical support:Cloud mail technology Record No: Jiangxi ICP Record No. 1546496